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Off-the-shelf marketplace tools have very limited integration and are not enough to support large operations for most enterprises.Enterprises have no choice but to build from scratch, that is not cost-efficient nor timely.


We provide a plug-and-play full-system marketplace tool, catered to large scale operations, that integrates with extensive systems and tools surrounding commerce and supply chain workflows



Choose from a wide range of our template marketplace look and feel

Customize it to suit corporate branding

Simple product upload and start selling


Identify system integration required, e.g. wallet, CRM software, ERP software, etc

We will set up the integration between the marketplace and your desired system


We are targeting businesses and enterprises with a large scale operations and handling high volume of transactions

They benefit most from our capability to quickly integrate with management system like CRM, ERP, POS, and inventory system


Plug and play modules, deploy as needed, pay as you benefit from it


Extensive modules

We provide modules that most off-the-shelf solution don’t, such as wallet integration, workshops/events management, payment by installment method, and chat module.

Robust integration

Catering to the needs of businesses with large scale operations, we advance with our capability to seamlessly integrate our marketplace to enterprise management tools, e.g. ERP system, CRM, inventory system.

Success support

We make sure that the marketplace is not just up and running, but also functional with a healthy stream of leads, as well as conversions to customers and to returning customers.


UI / UX Design

As a UI/UX design & development company, we are here to help brands from various industries to invent their mobile apps / websites user experiences.

E-Commerce Set Up

We provide a complete plug-and-play system marketplace tool, which serves large-scale operations, which are integrated with extensive systems and tools around trade and supply chain workflows.

Digital Marketing will help to extend your business to marketplace. Our service including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Display Network (GDN).

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